Navigating Change in a Post-Pandemic World

By most all measures, the pandemic is coming to a close. And life has certainly gotten back to normal in many parts of the world. This doesn’t mean that we are not still living in the shadows of the global crisis that, for some of us, changed everything. Here, Chris TDL Post dissects a few common ways the pandemic upended our lives and discusses ways that you can heal from the trauma.




Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two years, you know that the pandemic strained many people’s relationships to the point of divorce. Although divorce rates actually declined during the worst of the crisis, they’ve been climbing since the end of 2021. There are many reasons that couples have chosen to call it quits but one major culprit is social media, as people only see other people’s relationships on the surface through things like Facebook and Instagram.


If you find yourself suddenly alone in 2022, the best advice we can give you is to take time to heal. Remember, losing a spouse or long-term partner brings grief every bit as real as that of death. Do not jump headfirst into a new relationship simply to appease loneliness. It may be hard to wait, but it’s important to heal first.


Job Loss


There were very few jobs that were spared impact during the worst part of the pandemic. However, those in food service, entertainment, construction, and, ironically, healthcare took the hardest hits. If you worked in any of these industries, you may be a little skittish about taking on a similar role now. Fortunately, you do have options. Two of these are to start your own business or to look for a new kind of position.


Starting your own business takes discipline, and you will need to arm yourself with information and tools that can help you get started. To start an LLC, you can follow online guides or hire a formation service that has all of the information you need to set up in your state. Filing as an LLC can protect you from financial losses, and the process can be completed in five steps: choose a name, appoint a registered agent, file Nevada Articles of Organization, draft an operating agreement, and apply for an EIN.


When it’s time to look for a new job, get started with a free resume builder with a template that you can customize for maximum exposure. In addition to your job experience, depending on the type of job you’re seeking, you may want to include a mini-portfolio with images that showcase what you do or link to an online portfolio. For example, if you are a graphic designer or photographer, you may wish to add samples to your application.


Weight Gain


If you’ve noticed the numbers on the scale going up, you are not alone. Many of us have succumbed to what’s known as the “quarantine 15,” which Yale Medicine acknowledges has been a struggle for people who are predisposed to gaining weight. Your gym may have been closed, or you might’ve found yourself snacking more often due to boredom or stress. Whatever the reason, it is possible to lose the weight gain you may have experienced during confinement.


The best way to change the numbers on the scale is to change how you eat. Surprisingly, even some of the most delicious foods can help you lose weight. Dark chocolate, yogurt and berries, apples, and even soups can all help you get back to your goal weight. Exercise will help as well, but, if you have to choose between eating right and working out, choose healthy foods first.


If you are ready to get active, look online for reviews and dealson equipment that will help you and the family get out and have fun. Perhaps the family needs some lightweight backpacks for day hikes, or you would like a jogging stroller option to kick up your morning walks with the kids. Or maybe you’re ready to invest in a stationary bike for the house so you can get in that ride rain, shine, or excessive heat. No matter what you choose, make it something you’ll really use.


Remote Work


Remote work has been both a blessing and a curse for many people. On one hand, we can now work from anywhere at any time and in whatever we want. We don’t have to do our hair or makeup, and it is fully acceptable to put your bare feet on your desk while you generate reports or provide tech support. After all, who’s going to notice? But working from home is not without its downfalls.


Remote work often means having to work around children and their schedules, and it’s very easy to feel as though you have let yourself go in the absence of coworkers. How you choose to handle the kids is highly personal, but, as We Have Kids points out, it can help to set boundaries and establish times when they are not allowed into your workspace.


You can give yourself a confidence boost by updating your wardrobe. Stylish leggings and T-shirt-material tunics are comfortable to wear around the house and look great on your Zoom calls. Don’t forget something cute to wear to bed. A short, flowing nightgown is a great option, especially if you want to spice things up with your partner without sacrificing comfort.


Also make sure your home and home office is devoid of bad energy. You can tell if the atmosphere is negative when family members are excessively complaining about “little things” and playing the blame game. Replace the bad energy with positive vibes by taking a few simple steps like decluttering, cleaning, and even using salt lamps, which many people believe help to absorb negativity.




Moving trucks were a common sight during the pandemic, and relocating continues to be a frequent occurrence for families across the country even now. People are moving for many reasons, including the need to find more affordable spaces, to be closer to family, or to have access to more outdoor areas in case of another series of lockdowns. Before deciding on where you'd like to move, make sure to check on home design trends and prices.


Also, before you list your home, do your research. Check the housing market in your community. Look into home selling trends in your area and, if you're selling a house, get an appraisal to calculate how much equity you have to put towards a new home.


Changing homes can be traumatic for anyone. But, while you made the decision to relocate, you may have to deal with pushback from the kids and teens in your family. You cannot change the hurt feelings, but you can reduce the stress by acknowledging early on that your kids will need you to be more patient than normal. Maintain positivity, and let everyone know what to expect from the moment you’ve made the decision. Most importantly, know that the kids are grieving, and they will have to get through it with your support.


For good or bad, the pandemic changed the way we did many things. While some changes were very short-term, such as masks in schools, those we’ve mentioned above will have and have had a lasting impact on everyone affected. Learning how to navigate and react to these changes and, crucially, acknowledge the positive aspects of them. These actions and mindset changes will help you come out of the pandemic with enthusiasm and eagerness to embrace the new world.


Sharon Redd / October 11, 2022