Britney Spears back to singing: she recorded a duet with an international star

Britney's fans are eager to hear new songs from their idol, and it will happen very soon according to Page Six. She has indeed recorded a duet with a great singer: Elton John.


Opening in beta test of Chris TDL's new social network.

The social network Osyrys (Osyrys Social) is currently being developed by the teams of Business Magnate Christopher Alexandre Taylor (Chris TDL).

7 Tips for Developing Your Company’s Paid Time Off Package

Jun 25, 2022 Sharon Redd

This article sets out several key considerations for business owners who are creating paid time-off packages for their first employees.



Nov 17, 2021 Chris TDL Staff

Bottega Veneta changed the fashion world last week by announcing that it was separating from designer Daniel Lee, who had reinvigorated the Italian leather goods house known for its "discreet wealth" in just over three years. The abrupt announcement meant that the fashion world wondered if Daniel Lee would go to other pastures, but also aroused some curiosity about the future of the brand, which was one of the pillars of Kering's success story during the pandemic. (The conglomerate's stock exchanges fell immediately by 2.5% after Daniel Lee's departure announced before diving by another 1% after the next day's articles. It may not seem like much but for the Pinaults, the family that owns Kering, it amounts to losing $860 million of their fortune according to journalist Christina Binkley.)

There is now a tattoo that disappears from the skin after one year

May 13, 2021 Chris TDL Staff

An ephemeral tattoo process has been created by Ephemeral. After six years of development, this young American company found the formula of an ink composed of biodegradable polymers, which dissolves naturally between 9 and 15 months after injection. Good news: this one is made with the same process as a classic tattoo, effect real tattoo guaranteed. Don't worry, everything has been elaborated with dermatologists.


These foods that help your hair grow much faster

Nov 10, 2021 Chris TDL Staff

You cut your hair to change your head and it is too short for you? You have tested the house cut during the confinement and the result is not very glorious? In short, whatever your reason, you want a long mane urgently!

Five tips for good hygiene in your kitchen

Oct 18, 2021 Chris TDL Staff

During this particular time of year, the kitchen is once again becoming a central room in the home for many households. It's where people gather to cook, snack, tidy up - in short, for manual tasks that require touching everything in the room.