Five tips for good hygiene in your kitchen

During this particular time of year, the kitchen is once again becoming a central room in the home for many households. It's where people gather to cook, snack, tidy up - in short, for manual tasks that require touching everything in the room.
So how do you keep this room clean and healthy? Here are a few tips that should help.
1 Don't wait until your kitchen is dirty to clean it: a spray, a rag, and it's done in two minutes flat.
2 Use disinfectants, vinegar, soap and bleach on surfaces that can tolerate it: not always environmentally friendly (although many products are), but your health must remain the priority.
3 You went food shopping? Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home and disinfect the products that go into your kitchen.
4 Transfer foods that can be handled into clean containers.
5 Use the sanitizer function on your dishwasher (you can also put a dirty sponge in there to clean it).