Actor Val Kilmer, suffering from throat cancer, can no longer speak without his voice assistant

Hollywood star Val Kilmer can no longer speak without assistance and now uses an electronic voice mailbox to communicate. The 61-year-old Top Gun and Batman actor revealed his decline in a documentary he produced for the Amazon platform.


He appears in a documentary called Val, pushing his throat and struggling to speak words with his assistive device.


These images will shock the actor's fans. Val Kilmer was diagnosed in 2015 with throat cancer but, chose, at first, to keep his condition private.


During treatment for the disease, Kilmer underwent a tracheotomy, which left him unable to speak.


Much of the documentary consists of videos filmed by Kilmer throughout his life and shot at home or while making films.


Speaking publicly for the first time with his voicemail, he says in the clip, It feels like yesterday and yet it's been a lifetime. As I write this, my documentary is about to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.


I am grateful to have been selected for this great honor, I can't wait to share my life story with you all.


The encouragement of the fans very touched by the state of health of the actor flocked to the star.