After amassing a huge fortune, Paris Hilton reveals she has a new goal in life

 She has never hidden it. One of Paris Hilton's longtime goals was to become a billionaire. But that time now seems to be over, as she told Variety magazine, to promote a new documentary about her life This is Paris which was filmed just two years ago. 


The former reality TV star confided that amassing a fortune was her main goal because I wasn't happy in my personal life. And also going through what I went through, I always saw money as freedom and independence and not being controlled, she added. I think that's why I just had that as my goal in life. And now that I'm so incredibly happy and in love, I'm not really interested in billions anymore. I'm more interested in babies, Paris Hilton revealed.


The 40-year-old star has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Carter Reum since December 2019, with the couple getting engaged in February 2021


It is not known when the wedding will take place, but according to several sources Paris Hilton is more focused on starting a family.

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