Beyoncé's new single seen by her fans as a sign to quit

Released on June 21, Break My Soul led to a wave of resignations following its release in the United States.
The great return of Beyoncé is underway. On June 21, the American star released "Break My Soul", the first single from her upcoming album. The song, which is already a hit in the United States, also had a side effect on the singer's fans. Some saw it as a sign to quit their jobs.
The song is about rebirth after the trials of life and after the Covid years. The Sun newspaper writes in its pages, Beyoncé wrote all her songs during the Covid-19 pandemic, desperate not to be able to commune with her fans on stage (...) this album and promotion will be the most interactive.
For many American Beyoncé fans, rebirth means change. Many have handed in their resignation after listening to Break My Soul. On social networks, fans explain that they made their decision after hearing the song. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States is recording more and more resignations. Beyoncé and Break My Soul will not make the bosses happy.