Britney Spears unfiltered and unclothed in a series of photos on Instagram

Since she is no longer under the guardianship of her father and she is no longer a victim, Britney lets loose and wants to show that she is more than ever free. And that passes (among other things) by publishing photos of her almost daily on social networks some of which are in the simplest device. Known and sometimes pinned for its daring shots, the American singer has, once again, not deviated from the rule this Monday, February 28 on his Instagram account.
We see the American singer posing in lascivious positions and completely naked on a beach. What to create the buzz: in less than seven hours, more than 1.5 million likes and a lot of comments ... Among them, messages of support but also remarks from fans disconcerted by Britney's audacity. Here is a small selection of the 51 000 reactions: Oh ok, Brit..., You're maybe a little too free, Brit!, Britney, is everything ok?, Please, don't do that..., Are we on a porn site? You're better than this..., Britney, remember your kids are on Instagram.