Charlize Theron hated Tom Hardy during the shooting of Mad Max: the actress benefited from reinforced security

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy had a frosty relationship on the set of the film Mad Max, reveals a new book written by New York Times columnist Kyle Buchanan. According to this journalist, the least we can say is that the atmosphere was quite tense on the set. Days turned into intense verbal jousting between the two main actors.
The actor had the annoying habit of arriving on the set a few hours late, causing the anger of Charlize Theron. The actress would have even shouted at him one day while the initial appointment was agreed at 8am and the actor arrived at the stroke of 11am. When he arrived, Charlize Theron told him that he should be fined for keeping everyone waiting so long.
Tom Hardy's reaction was explosive, repeatedly telling him, "What did you say to me? »
The actress feeling threatened by the actor would then have required that someone be at her side all the time to ensure her safety. A request which would have been accepted by the production of the film.
As the hours of filming passed, the relationship would have relaxed a bit, but the two actors really had a different approach to their craft, the New York Times columnist details.