Coachella: rapper Meghan Thee Stallion gives Chinese censors a hard time

The American rapper Meghan Thee Stallion makes it difficult for the Chinese censors. If the performance of the title WAP this Sunday 17 seduced the public of the music festival Coachella, the interpretation of this song rich in swear words and sexual allusions, the whole supported by an explicit choreography, did not really please the authorities of the country.
The show broadcast (illegally) in China on the chat platform WeChat, was thus subject to censorship... which proved to be completely ineffective.
At the sight of these images, one can easily imagine the employee of the platform in charge of hiding the light clothes of the dancers, being completely lost. Also, the modest black bar supposed to hide the inappropriate passages of the transmission, tries desperately to follow the movements of the artists combined with that of the cameras. The result is absurdly funny.
The Internet users present online did not hide their displeasure following this intrusion, accusing the Chinese government of infantilizing them. As a last word to the censors, they went as far as translating the lyrics of the song Wet Ass Puxi of the rapper, and adapting them to refer to the situation of the city of Shanghai. Its inhabitants are currently suffering from extreme sanitary confinement since the end of March, due to a surge of Omicron.