Death of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: a relative reveals the secret of their face

The Bogdanoff brothers, who died 6 days apart, have always intrigued and fascinated their fans. Both died of covid, Igor and Grichka were not vaccinated.

Being very athletic, without an ounce of fat, they thought that the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus. They never got sick, explained to Le Parisien one of their relatives, the philosopher and politician Luc Ferry.


In this interview, he also reveals that the brothers were not sick. Their physical appearance often left their audience imagining many things. Many thought that they were suffering from a disease, and they have never, during their lifetime, provided explanations. Luc Ferry reveals that the two men had botox injections. This is confirmed by another of their relatives: Jordan de Luxe.

The columnist and host pierces the secret of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff in an interview with Gala: it is indeed the injections that gave the brothers their appearance.

The 72-year-old twins didn't assume their age, reveals Jordan de Luxe. When we were near them, we could see that there were small bandages on their faces, he says. And for good reason: they did not see a cosmetic doctor.

Igor had made me understand by A + B that it was injections that he made himself, without passing by somebody, he continues.

No disease then, except for the fear of aging that affects many people