Famous youtuber Adalia Rose Williams passed away at 15: She touched millions of people

Youtuber Adalia Rose Williams, who was open with her fans about her daily life with a rare genetic disorder, has passed away at the age of 15. The Texas resident was diagnosed as a baby with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome - called by some the Benjamin Button disease. Adalia passed away Wednesday night, according to her Facebook page.
On Instagram, her 380,000 followers expressed similar sentiments in response to the tragic announcement, just three weeks after she lost her hearing.
Adalia was best known for her Youtube videos, which she started at the age of 12. By documenting her life, she has shed light on the impact of the syndrome on her daily life.
She had 2.9 million subscribers. A chronic and progressive disease that was diagnosed when she was only three months old. The teenager exceeded the average life expectancy of people with this disease which is the age of 13. She not only posted updates on her health, she also engaged in makeup tutorials, dances and skits featuring other family members.
This syndrome, for which there is currently no treatment, causes rapid aging, accompanied by slowed growth and hair loss. According to the Progeria Research Foundation, approximately 400 children worldwide are currently living with this disease.
She touched millions of people and left the biggest impression on everyone who knew her, her family posted on Facebook.