Iris Mittenaere degraded at the NRJ Music Awards because of Vitaa

On Saturday, the evening of the NRJ Music Awards did not go as planned for Iris Mittenaere, reports Public. The former Miss France arrived at the event with her partner Diego El Glaoui. She wore a golden dress for the occasion. But the beauty queen had planned to change during the evening by putting on another outfit to dazzle the public. But a singer ruined this moment because of her choice of clothing.
Vitaa arrived on the red carpet with the famous second dress of Iris Mittenaere. As a result, I kept my golden dress that I love, because it would have made too much carbon copy, she said on Instagram. Arriving with the same dress as another person would have been embarrassing according to the former Miss.
I am a little dég not to have worn it, but I will put it another time, finally relativized the young woman.