Jill and Joe Biden introduce Willow: Here's how the cat won the First Lady's heart

She won Jill Biden's heart by interrupting a campaign speech: the First Lady announced Friday the arrival of Willow, a two-year-old cat, to the American presidential couple.
And here is Willow: Jill Biden tweeted some pictures of the feline, who owes his name to his hometown, Willow Grove, pictures accompanied by two small pink hearts. We can see Willow, with her grey and white tabby coat, long whiskers and big green eyes, lying on a windowsill or exploring the corridors of the White House with a haughty bearing.
The press service of the First Lady, explained that the now First Cat had strongly impressed Jill Biden by jumping on the stage and interrupting a speech she was giving in Pennsylvania (northeast), during the campaign of Joe Biden in 2020. The university professor and the cat, who came from a farm, immediately became friends, with the blessing of the farm owner in question, the White House said.
The cat is settling in to the White House with her favorite toys, treats, and a large space to sniff and explore, said Jill Biden's spokesperson. No word, however, on how First Cat is being welcomed by First Dog, the young German shepherd Commander, who has been romping around the lawns of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washingtonfor the past few weeks.
Continuing a long-standing presidential tradition interrupted by the Trumps, who did not have a pet, the Bidens have always had a dog in the White House, and always a German shepherd. They arrived with Champ, who died last year at an advanced age, and Major, who has since moved back to the country because he couldn't acclimate, before welcoming Commander.