Kanye West buys a luxury apartment in Belgium: several local residents claim to have seen him!

This is the news of the evening. According to our Flemish colleagues of Het Laatste Nieuws, Kanye West bought a property in Belgium, in Wijnegem, from an interior designer, Axel Vervoordt.
Kanye West has reportedly purchased a property from renowned art dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. The apartment is located in Wijnegem, Flanders, in a former gin distillery, called Kanaal, renovated by the interior designer. His goal was to transform the place into a gigantic art gallery.
Sources tell our colleagues that the apartment belonged to an Italian businessman, and the property was not yet officially on sale. 
The information has not yet been confirmed by Kanaal. However, several residents and people in the neighborhood tell our Flemish colleagues that the rapper is indeed in Belgium, in the residence.
Peter, interviewed by Het laatste Nieuws, tells of his encounter with the star while walking his dogs. One of them jumped on him, after which we started talking in English. I think Kanye West thought it was funny that I had no idea who he was.