Kanye West crashes his daughter's birthday party

Nothing stops Kanye West, when it comes to spending time with his children. While he was not invited to the fourth birthday of his daughter, Chicago, the rapper found a way to go to the place in question, which greatly upset Kim Kardashian.
For a few weeks, the 44-year-old American rapper does not stop talking about him. Separated from Kim Kardashian, he had wanted to get her back, so much so that he offered a villa in the street next to her house. With so much pressure and provocation, the businesswoman began to crack to the point where she could not stand to see her ex-husband.
A source, close to the reality star, had confided about this to the tabloid The Sun. Kim would like to remain friends with Kanye because he remains the father of her children. But she has completely turned the page and this is unfortunately not his case. Kim intends to keep a good relationship with him for their children. However, she does not want there to be any tension. Right now, she doesn't get along with him at all and they even have trouble being in the same room.
In this electric atmosphere, Kim Kardashian was imperative: she did not want to see her ex-spouse at the birthday party of Chicago. The Kardashian clan decided to celebrate the four years of the little girl and the three years of Stormi, her cousin. But determined to play spoilsport, Kanye West managed to find the location of the birthday party.
On social networks, videos have leaked. We can see, the rapper in great discussion with his ex-mother-in-law, Kris Jenner. According to TMZ, Kanye West would not have spoken to the mother of his children. For him, he realized the most important: to be present for the four years of his daughter.