Kevin Guthrie (Fantastic Beasts and Dunkerke): sentenced to prison for sexual assault

Kevin Guthrie was seen in the second installment of Fantastic Animals and in the movie Dunkerke. He was sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault. The facts date back to 2017.


Kevin Guthrie is sentenced to three years in prison and placement on the sex offender file. The conviction follows a 2017 sexual assault case on an identity-protected actress in Glasgow, Scotland.


The young woman had appointment with Kevin Guthrie and the comedian Scott Reid in a bar. The latter took the other two to his apartment after the actress did not feel well. He then left them alone in the apartment. At this time, Kevin Guthrie took advantage of her state of weakness to sexually assault her several times until Scott Reid returned.


The actor, seen in the films Fantastic Animals and Dunkerke and in the series English Game, initially denied the facts reproached in court. The evidence then showed traces of his DNA in the victim's underwear. When the verdict was announced, the actor reportedly asked, Why?

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