Kim Kardashian's daughter North, 8, starts a live video on TikTok and films her mother in bed: No, you can’t

Kim Kardashian and her eight-year-old daughter North West launched their own TikTok page just over two weeks ago, titled KimandNorth. In that short time, the reality star and entrepreneur and her daughter have amassed more than 2.1 million followers.
On Sunday, it seems that the reality star's adorable little girl started a live stream on her TikTok account without her mother's knowledge. The little girl walked around the sumptuous house of the star while laughing and being followed by her brother Chicago. The opportunity to discover the Christmas decorations arranged in the impressive mansion of Hidden Hills. The visit starts in the child's room decorated in pink, where the little girl wants to show her gingerbread man. She then goes to the staircase and shows off the decorations placed in tribute to the children's movie Sting 2. Guests appear to be present outside, including many children.
At one point, the little girl enters the room of her famous mother lying in bed. 
Mom, I'm live, she proudly announces to her mother, then quickly follows up with some mischievous laughter as she walks with the camera into her mother's room.
The star can be heard responding to the eight-year-old, No stop, you know you're not allowed to do that too.