Lorie and Billy Crawford: the singer comes back on the underside of this emblematic couple of the years 2000

It's time to get a little old. You may remember this iconic relationship from the 2000s. The couple formed by Lorie and the singer Billy Crawford. Their relationship lasted two years, from 2002 to 2004.
At the time, they represented the perfect relationship: two teenage darlings, fresh and in love. The French singer is now looking back on her past relationship with the Filipino-American dancer and performer. In an interview granted to Pure Charts, she confides: It was not easy because with Billy we met on TV sets. Every week, every weekend, we met. And we ended up falling in love.
So this relationship was not as perfect as it seemed. I lived it so badly, continues the now 39-year-old singer. And then I was afraid, I was afraid to go out. Lorie recalls the over-mediatization of this relationship, truly iconic during the 2000s. For years, it went very badly, at the time, my life was a real whirlwind.
Lorie admits having been really in love with Billy Crawford. She even did some crazy things, for love. It was a madness. Love makes us blind. Sometimes, for love, we can do totally stupid things. When I got on the plane to join him, I just wanted to see him, to surprise him. I was told: But you're crazy, there's no point!
Then 20 years old, the singer had flown to the United States, just to spend 6 hours with her beloved.