Marilyn Manson files a complaint against Evan Rachel Wood for defamation

After more than a year of silence, Marilyn Manson strikes back. Brian Warner, his real name, was accused by his ex-fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood, of rape and physical, emotional and psychological abuse throughout their relationship, between 2006 and 2010. As a result of these allegations, other women have testified that they were abused by the rocker. Four civil complaints were filed while the singer had settled for a denial on his Instagram account in February 2021. Last night, he announced that he had filed a complaint against the actress who shared his life for nearly four years.
There will come a time when I can say more about the events of the past year. Until then, I'll let the facts speak for themselves (link in my bio), he wrote on Instagram. The link in question refers to the complaint he filed against Evan Rachel Wood, but also Ashley Gore, the companion of the star of Westworld.
The performer of Coma White accuses them of defamation, of having intentionally inflicted emotional distress on him, of computer data breach and identity theft. In the complaint, Marilyn Manson claims that Evan Rachel Wood and her partner Ashley Gore, among other things, impersonated an FBI agent by creating and distributing a fictitious letter from an agent to make it appear that Warner's 'victims' and their families were in danger and that there was an ongoing federal criminal investigation into Warner.
The musician also assures that they provided lists and scripts to the accused detailing the abuses that they had to evoke against him, and also false testimonies, especially regarding the filmed sexual assault of a minor. Marilyn Manson adds that Ashley Gore asked former employees for Warner's personal information (including logins and passwords); hacked into Warner's computers, phones, emails and social networks; opened a fictitious email account to fabricate evidence that Warner was sending illicit pornography, among other things.
The artist concludes that these actions, which have been in place for at least two years, have had a significant impact on his career, personal life and well-being. Marilyn Manson has lost his contracts with his label, Loma Vista Recordings, and his artistic agency, CAA. His roles in American Gods and Creepshow have been cancelled. The only one who continues to work with him is Kanye West. He also believes that his ex, under the impetus of his girlfriend, has found a way to breathe new life into his career, going from someone known primarily for dating Marilyn Manson a decade ago to a spokesperson for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. But also to absolve himself of a turbulent past and restore his reputation.
Evan Rachel Wood and Ashley Gore, who participate in the documentary Phoenix Rising, about the career of the actress who also details her accusations against her ex, have not yet responded to the complaint of Marilyn Manson.