Refused at a restaurant, Katy Perry gives an Australian hostess a big tip for treating her like a normal person

An Australian hostess in Port Douglas was stunned on Saturday after denying singer Katy Perry access to the cafe where she was in charge of reception. The hostess explained in a video posted on her Tik Tok account (and since deleted) that she did not recognize the star. When you're the first stupid, oblivious person to tell Katy Perry that she has to wait for a table, reads the caption of the video.
Katy Perry, who was holding her 22-month-old daughter in her arms, reportedly expressed her displeasure over the fact that there was not a single table left free... The singer then regained her composure before giving a generous tip for treating her like a normal person.
The California Gurls singer is currently in Australia with her partner, Orlando Bloom, 45, who is currently shooting a movie called Wizards!
This video quickly became viral and was deleted by the hostess.