Sad news: hit by a vehicle, the actress Lisa Banes (Cocktail, Gone Girl, NCIS) died of her injuries

 Lisa Banes passed away after a tragic accident. The actress was 65 years old.


It is a very bad news that affects the world of cinema. On June 4, actress Lisa Banes was hit by a two-wheeled vehicle while walking in the streets of New York. Abandoned by the driver, the 60-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Ten days later, she succumbed to her injuries.


The death of the actress was communicated by a spokesperson to the U.S. media: We are heartbroken, this is a tragedy. Lisa was a witty, kind and generous woman. She was dedicated to her work, whether on stage or in front of the camera, but even more so to her wife, family and friends. We are grateful to have had her in our lives.


Lisa Banes has been part of the cast of many movies such as Cocktail or Gone Girl. She has also appeared in several series, such as NCIS, New York Special Unit and Once Upon A Time, to name a few.


The actress was 65 years old.