She can't stand up anymore: Celine Dion's health worries her fans

While she was supposed to celebrate her 40th anniversary in 2021, the diva had to revise her plans, not only because of the pandemic, but also and especially because of her health condition.
February 1981. Céline Dion is only 12 years old. Her brother sends the demo of her very first song, Ce n'était qu'un rêve, to the artistic agent René Angélil. Under the spell, the impresario invites the young teenager in his office to congratulate her. His goal? To make her an international superstar.
Everyone knows the continuation of this extraordinary destiny, which is currently the subject of a film, Aline, with Valerie Lemercier in the skin of a carbon copy of Céline Dion. Unveiled this November 10, this feature film is a hit in theaters. It must be said that its release comes at the right time, while the diva is supposed to celebrate her forty years of career on stage, but continues to shine by its absence. Of course, the health situation prevents her from meeting her fans around the world. But what worries her public the most, it is her state of health.
On February 17, 2021, Celine announced the postponement of her Courage world tour, abruptly interrupted by the pandemic. Her European tour should finally take place from May to September 2022. As for her new residency in Las Vegas, which was scheduled from November 5 to 20, it has been postponed to January 2022. The reasons given were not related to the coronavirus. I need to focus on my health to get better quickly. I want to get out of it as soon as possible, writes the artist in a statement. Indeed, as her press agents indicate, Celine is suffering from severe and persistent muscle spasms that prevent her from excelling on stage. Her medical team continues to treat her, but the symptoms she is experiencing do not allow her to participate in rehearsals for the new show.
In an interview with Paris Match, her sister and godmother, Claudette Dion, agreed to talk about the subject: She worked a lot for this return and she did too much. It's always the same thing, she is terribly demanding with herself. Her body said stop. She is 53 years old. Pre-menopause, the hormonal changes it brings, it doesn't help. Another source close to the star also told the magazine Voici: She can no longer get out of bed, nor move, nor walk. She suffers from pain in the legs and feet that paralyzes her. She is very weakened and has lost a lot of weight. If it does not get better, she could be arrested for several months, even a year. What to delay, once again, its planned concerts? For now, no one knows.