Snootie Wild is dead: rapper shot dead at 36, your body is dead, but your name and legacy are immortal

The gang war does not know any respite in the United States, and continues to hit the US rap. On Friday, the rapper Snootie Wild was found in a ditch, near an SUV, in Houston. Shot, he died at the hospital where he was taken with a vital prognosis.
Real name LePreston Porter, the rapper was 36 years old and broke through in the United States with the track Yayo in 2014. Your body is dead, but your name and legacy are immortal, his entourage wrote on his Instagram account. According to U.S. media reports, Porter was simply limited to a few rare musical appearances in recent years.
In November, another rapper was shot and killed at a cookie store in Memphis. Young Dolph was a Memphis native like Snootie Wild, TMZ notes.