Stranger Things: who is Joseph Quinn, the interpreter of Eddie Munson, discovered in Game of Thrones

Forget the repulsive Demogorgon and the disturbing Mental Flagellant. Now, the Stranger Things teenage gang must face a more than terrifying enemy: Vecna. Half-man, half-creature of darkness, Vecna is none other than 001, aka Henry Creel, aka Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) worst enemy. And in this second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things, our favorite teens will do everything possible to destroy Vecna, played by the no less attractive Jamie Campbell Bower. Netflix viewers also met Eddie Munson, a not-so-popular high school student who will brilliantly perform Metallica's hit Master of Puppets in the upside-down world.
And it is the actor Joseph Quinn who has been asked to lend his features to the young rocker of Stranger Things. Aged 29, the actor was born in London and is far from having the same long and curly hair as Eddie! While his role in Stranger Things has made him a worldwide success, this is not Joseph Quinn's first experience with TV shows. The more discerning viewers of Game of Thrones will have noticed him in episode 4 of season 7, when he played Koner, a warrior in the Stark army.
Joseph Quinn has also appeared in several BBC soaps and shows, such as Catherine the Great, Strike and Postcode.
And one thing is for sure, Joseph Quinn is especially grateful to his fans. While a convention on Stranger Things is crisscrossing the world, a few days ago, he was present at the London Film and Comic Con and burst into tears when a fan, Kimberley Burrows, wanted to thank him on behalf of the community for his generosity towards them. Because the darling of Stranger Things fans preferred to ignore the order of the staff, which ordered the actors not to interact with the fans in order not to waste time during the convention.