The heroes of the Harry Potter saga meet at Hogwarts for an alumni reunion

Harry Potter fans have been eagerly awaiting it: the 20th anniversary reunion of the saga that will see the megastars meet in a single installment.
And on Monday, the excitement was about to reach its peak after a trailer posted by the HBO Max platform was unveiled.
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are among those who will reunite for this special return to Hogwarts on New Year's Day, along with other stars who contributed to the success of the film.
Harry Potter author JK Rowling will not be attending the meeting. Last year J.K. Rowling shared an article on Twitter about menstruating people, commenting ironically: I'm sure we had to have a word for these people. Someone help me. Feum? Famme? Feemm?
The status of trans people has been hotly debated in recent years in the UK, with activists fighting for their rights on the one hand and some intellectuals, authors and professors accused of transphobia on the other, claiming to be victims of cancel culture. Since then, she has even received death threats.