This unexpected description of Courteney Cox by Jennifer Aniston: She's happy when she cleans.

The Los Angeles Times has just dedicated a portrait to the actress Courteney Cox. An article to mark the release of her new series Shining Vale, but also to review the career of the one who played Monica in the successful series Friends for 10 seasons.
A portrait that makes us discover the star from another angle and reveals great similarities with the character of Monica that she played on screen.
Her best friend, actress Jennifer Aniston reveals that she was not surprised when Courteney launched her own home cleaning line. She describes: When is she happiest? I'd say when she's cleaning, but she'd kill me for that, Aniston says. But I've never seen anyone with a bottle of Windex (cleaning spray) and a rag more hours a day.
You can literally be in the middle of a conversation, and her eyes drift away from yours a little bit and she loses track and she's just like, Wait, I noticed a stain.