Why Kate Winslet does not want to be on social networks? The actress explains

23 years after being revealed for her role in Titanic, Kate Winslet does not want to pretend to be always the same. She assumes her age, her physique, and insists on appearing naturally on the screens. An approach that contrasts with the trend of filtered selfies that can be seen on Instagram.
On the networks, Kate Winslet shines by its absence. I think that social networks play a role even more harmful than the photos of models. Anyone can retouch his face, she said in the columns of Le Parisien. In addition, she is pleased to have started her acting career at another time: When I did not like an article or a review, I knew that the next day or a week later, we would not talk about it. Forget it! But today, everything remains.
According to the 45-year-old actress, social networks are dangerous for young actors who are learning to gain confidence in themselves. To become a good actor, we must go through the mistakes. They should not stick to you and prevent you from moving forward,she said. You will have understood, if you want to see Kate Winslet, it will not be on Instagram, TikTok or other. Instead, we can only recommend the series Mare of Easttown, in which she plays a charismatic detective.