Will.i.am launches an anti-covid mask that is also a bluetooth headset


The mask has become almost a new garment, says Yves Van Laethem, Covid's inter-federal spokesman. With the worldwide use of the Covid pandemic, some people have started to produce masks that are a little more aesthetic than the simple surgical mask sold in pharmacies. Will.i.am, singer, but also businessman, goes much further.


The American rapper launches a high-tech mask that also acts as a bluetooth headset, anti-noise, and even equipped with LED lights. Produced by the company Honeywell, this mask seems straight out of a science fiction movie. It was designed by Jose Fernandez, also designer of costumes for Hollywood (Batman, Spiderman) .


The Xupermask is available in two sizes and two colors. It will be on sale for $299 starting this April 8 in the UK, Canada and the US