Will Smith assumes his overweight: the actor shares a new video that makes Internet users die of laughter

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Will Smith has transformed himself. The American star has gained a few kilos that he does not hesitate to post on Instagram. However, the actor would like to find his body of yesteryear.

He is a legend and not just because he says so in the post-apocalyptic eponymous film released in 2007. Will Smith has marked many generations since his debut on the small screen in The Prince of Bel-Air and subsequently, through a film career rich in three decades.Jaden Smith's father shone as much for his talent as his advantageous physique, regularly rewarded by magazines in their rankings of the sexiest men in the world. At 52, the American actor has nothing to envy to the youngest. Yet confinement and the health crisis seem to have overcome him. With the film industry affected, Will Smith works less and rarely goes out. The latter has gained a few kilos and has seen his body gradually transform in recent months. However, Jada Pinkett's husband assumes his new forms and does not hesitate to exhibit them on social networks.

Will Smith dances in video, fans are hilarious



On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Will Smith posted a new video on his instagram account, followed by more than fifty million followers. The star appears in front of a white background, bare chest and in shorts and dances to a title from the Pussycat Dolls." It was the body that carried me throughout the pandemic. Countless days grazing in the pantry.I love this body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins... That's it, I'm going to get into the best shape of my life," he writes to justify the images. The actor's fans reacted massively in just a few hours. "Incredible", "Now Will", "You've come a long way since I Robot", "Oh my god!", "We're all in the same boat", "Finally, I look like Will Smith", "Will, what are you doing?", "Sexy", "It's beautiful, it made my Tuesday", "It's just beginning", "I love the big Will", "I can't wait to see this", "Hahaha thank you very much for representing us with this dad's belly" reads among the comments accompanied by "laughing death" emojis. At least Will Smith will be accompanied during this event.

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