Will Smith confides on his open relationship with his wife: Marriage is not a prison

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, a couple with extraordinary longevity in Holywood. 24 years, two children  their love story imposes as much as it intrigues. For their relationship does not look like a long quiet river: infidelities, close to the rupture. Will Smith confided on his life as a couple in the American edition GQ.
The 53-year-old actor explains, Jada never believed in traditional marriage. Jada had family members who were in unconventional relationships. So she grew up in a very different world than I did. We had endless discussions about what is relationship perfection? What is the best way to interact as a couple? And for the most part, we've chosen monogamy, but we don't see that as the only way to be in a relationship.
Will Smith also says that his couple was led to take other paths: We offered each other trust and freedom with the belief that each must make their own way. And marriage should not be a prison for us. A way of understanding marriage that he does not intend to promote for all that: I do not suggest to anyone to follow our way. But the experience of freedoms that we offered to each other and unconditional support are, for me, the greatest definition of love.