Hygiene: handy tips to keep your kitchen perfectly clean

Do you like your kitchen to be perfectly clean in every corner? It is quite natural when you know that it is one of the most appreciated rooms and where we spend the most time. On average, we spend 22 days a year there! It is there that we prepare good dishes to treat ourselves and our loved ones...

It is then logical to want this room to be as pleasant as possible: comfort, decoration, maintenance... Moreover, as we prepare food there, it is really necessary to maintain the kitchen clean.
To achieve this, we give you some natural tips to keep your kitchen clean in every corner
- Work surface. To clean and care for your kitchen surfaces, mix white vinegar and tea tree, which has      degreasing and purifying properties. To remove grease stains from your kitchen furniture, you can also use baking powder.
- Sink. To eliminate clogs and bad odors in your sink drains, use coffee grounds. To get rid of any residue in the sink and purify it, use baking soda instead.
- Freezer. To effectively defrost your freezer, simply place a bowl of boiling water inside for about 20 minutes.
- Oven. Use black soap to remove grease and food residue from your oven.
- Coffee maker. Use white vinegar to perfectly descale your coffee maker.
- Garbage can. Yes, it is also important to clean the trash can to avoid bad odors and mold. You can use coarse salt and white vinegar to make a kind of scrub with which to rub the walls.