There is now a tattoo that disappears from the skin after one year

An ephemeral tattoo process has been created by Ephemeral. After six years of development, this young American company found the formula of an ink composed of biodegradable polymers, which dissolves naturally between 9 and 15 months after injection. Good news: this one is made with the same process as a classic tattoo, effect real tattoo guaranteed. Don't worry, everything has been elaborated with dermatologists.


No blurring or dilution over time, as with some permanent tattoos, says designer Josh Sakhai. The lines remain sharp and the design fades evenly. For now, only black is available, but other colors could one day enrich the palette.


We make tattooing possible for a whole new clientele who would not have wanted a permanent tattoo, explains Josh Sakhai, for whom this new technique does not compete with traditional tattooing. In fact, he has only recruited tattoo artists from the permanent tattoo world to his salon.


In terms of price, an Ephemeral tattoo costs between 175 and 450 dollars. The only salon where it is currently possible to get an ephemeral ink tattoo is located in New York.

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