War in Ukraine: the long Russian military convoy seems to have dispersed according to satellite images

The Russian military convoy, which was spread over several dozen kilometers, seems to have largely dispersed, according to new satellite images, from the company Maxar Technologies, reported by the American media CNN.
In images captured at 11:37 a.m. local time on Thursday, it appears that elements of the convoy have taken up new positions in the woods near the village of Lubyanka, 40 kilometers from the center of the capital Kiev. Further north, Russian aircraft can be seen near the Hostomel airbase en route to residential areas near Ozera, 27 kilometers from the capital Kiev. In a field near Berestianka, trucks and tanks can be seen. Artillery equipment is also now installed near Lubyanka.
Not far from Ivankiv, where the 60-kilometer-long convoy ended, there are still vehicles and other materials. The convoy had been spotted for the first time at the end of February by this American company, and it was then only 5 kilometers long. It was then on its way from Belarus to Kiev. Its ranks have grown to the point of forming a 60-kilometer-long convoy. At the beginning of March, it was stopped about 20 kilometers from the capital. It was not observable the last days because of the cloudiness. But thanks to a clear sky on Thursday, the Maxar company was able to take new photos of the Russian military formation.